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"Erna, wanted to drop you a note to say how much my wife, daughter and I enjoyed your tours. Your knowledge of the history of Budapest and all of the sites was very gratifying and added significantly to our enjoyment. Your recommendations for lunch both days were really good, and thank you for taking the time to make reservations for us in both places, since they were both very crowded and as a result of your forethought, we didn't have to wait. Going through the synagogue was very educational, and thanks again to you, we didn't have to wait in a long line (in cold weather) to get tickets. Thanks again--we had a great time." Jack, Tami and Abigail
Dohany Synagogue Budapest has more than 20 Tora scrolls, 1024

Walking tour: 220 USD/4 hours
Driving tour: 320 USD/4 hours

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Entrance fees are not included, but your guide can jump the line for you to purchase your ticket, and guide you inside the synagogues.

Budapest Jewish Tour shows you Great Synagogues of the third largest Jewish community of Europe. Visit of the “Jewish triangle” in Budapest, which is the 19th century Jewish quarter with 3 Synagogues: the Dohány Temple, the Orthodox Synagogue and the Rumbach street Synagogue, and walk in the Budapest Jewish Quarter.

The Great Budapest “Dohány Street” Synagogue is the third largest Synagogue in the world! Inside visit includes the Synagogue building, the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Garden and Jewish Cemetery, the Museum on Jewish artifacts and on the tragedy of the Holocaust, the moving monument of the Tree of Life, foundation of Tony Curtis. Stories of Jewish Festivals, traditions and celebrations of everyday life are illustrated by amazing artefacts in the Jewish Museum.

Dohany Synagogue Budapest, sightseeing, 1024
Flodni Hungarian-Jewish pastry, tasting during private Jewish Tour in Budapest

After a small rest in the best kosher pastry shop, our walk in the Budapest Jewish quarter takes us to the Orthodox Synagogue and the Rumbach street Synagogue, passing art dealers, and the longest courtyard lane in Hungary. The Orthodox Synagogue offers just as much beauty as the big one, but is very little known, even by locals. A unique feature of the Budapest Jewish Quarter are the Ruin Bars

Caption on a 100 years wedding anniversary photo:
Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
Thank you for raising Mom and Dad for us. Thank you for taking care of the grandchildren: the 2-years-old Judit, the 8-years-old Éva, and the 10-year-old Laci. We are proud of Grandpa’s brave resistance and outstanding patriotism in the First World War. And finally thank you for holding the little ones’ hand as you entered  in the gas chambers of Auswitz together…

In Liberty Sqaure we can take you to our living Jewish memorialy where you see the protest of everyday people who don’t let any more pages be torn out of the Book of Hungarian History. If time allows, we go down to the Shoes Holocaust Memorial, where many Budapest Jewish families were saved by Raoul Wallenberg.

the Shoes Holocaust Memorial Budapest

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