Hungary Day Trips

Hungary is a small, landlocked country in the middle of Europe. Hungarian people arrived here from the east and successfully integrated in central Europe with the coronation of the first Hungarian king in the year 1000.
We had our glorious and devastating periods in our history. Some catastrophies we shared with other countries in Europe, some were our own disasters. If Hungary can be proud of one thing, it is its survival in the crossroads of Europe for more than 1000 years!

Today there is again democracy in Hungary, where our common sense and good brains can flourish. Our language is unique and different from yours. We can boast of our science, having won several Nobel Prizes.Hungarians invented several items you use daily, and besides, we are prominent in the world’s art and film industry.

Depending on your interest, your private, Hungarian tour guide will not only introduce the magnificent sights of Hungary, but also invite you into the diverse culture of the MAGYAR (= Hungarian) nation.

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