Handicraft village Szentendre


Discover Hungary’s most visited village: Szentendre with a private guide to see all the hidden treasures, narrow streets, handicraft and art galleries.

Hungary’s most visited little town is Szentendre. Drive from Budapest to Hungary’s most romantic little town is only 40 minutes. On the way you pass the 2000 years old ruin-city of the Romans. On arrival, make a walking tour in the artists’ town: Szentendre is like an Italian village with narrow, winding streets, small houses, and unusual history.
There is an exhibition in Szentendre, for which people come from all over Europe: the beautiful and touching museum of a Hungarian artist lady, Margit Kovacs. Her clay statues and figurative pottery stand alone in 20th century Hungarian art, and are part of Hungarian Heritage.
Szentendre houses the smallest Synagogue in Hungary.
A unique experience is the Marzipan Museum – not only for kids! You will enjoy getting lost in the narrow winding streets among small houses, old churches and the tiny synagogue, drop into galleries of contemporary art or peculiar museums. There is always handicraft fair, so if you like shopping, Szentendre is a paradise!