This glittering Baroque palace was Hungary’s coronation present to Habsburg Franz Joseph, and his wife, Queen Elisabeth the famous „Sissi”
The royal family spent several months in Gödöllő every year. During this period the palace became the symbol of independent Hungarian statehood, and, as a residential centre it had a political significance of it own. It was Queen Elisabeth who specially loved staying in Gödöllő, where the Hungarian personnel and neighbourhood of the palace always warmly welcomed her. She was able to converse fluently in Hungarian. Having spent altogether 6 years here, she played a decisive role in Hungarian history, and became an idol for Hungarians. Her personal objects tell stories about private life, hidden doors, and secrets of this unusual personality… Following her tragic death, a memorial park adjoining the upper-garden was built. At the 2011 Hungarian EU Presidency, the informal ministerial meetings were held in the Godollo Royal Palace.
The visit starts with the huge and beautiful park, then we visit 23 rooms (nearly 1000 sq.m.) which accommodate the interior exhibition.


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The Queen’s Palace in Godollo


Learn the story of an Elegant Palace and a Peculiar Queen… Hungary’s best preserved royal home,  A beautiful residence near Budapest, Gödöllő, with its glittering rooms became a royal palace with the coronation of a Habsburg king.