Why did we start Best Budapest Tour Guides Website?

Katalin Decsényi, Budapest private tour guide, co-founder of Best Budapest Tour Guides website

I am a dedicated tour guide in Budapest. The success of my own tour guiding website made me avare of the huge and growing demand there is in the world for good private guides in Hungary! As (even I) can not be at 3 places in the same time, we swapped and substituted for each other, trying to keep up with demands - this is why the idea of a collective Hungary and Budapest tour guide website was born. Besides, my aim is to put Budapest and Hungary on the map of No 1 places in the world. My familly is very important for me (2 adolescent boys + 1 husband). I love reading, nature, getting together with friends,  I do yoga to keep me happy, and sometimes play the cello in various ensembles.


Peter Toth, senior programmer, co-founder of Best Budapest Tour Guides website

As head of a website developer company, I considered it a great opportunity to join the BBTG team. This is the first website in Hungary where travellers can choose from tours of several tour guides, and can buy the the tours with a few clicks . Based on several years of experience, we have worked out the principle and the engine of the site. We keep developing and refining it each day, so that our customers can quickly and easily book tours. Whichever  part of the world you are sitting right now, I consider it my main task to offer you such a reliable website,  that you will gladly recommend to your friends and colleagues.

Marianna Toth-Soltesz, programmer, co-founder of Best Budapest Tour Guides website

I have relatives in many parts of the world, and they regularly visit Hungary. When I ask them why they keep coming here, they tell me: people are nice, food is good, there is a great variety of landscape, and because the Hungarian girls are most beautiful! I think, visitors can learn the most about Hungary, if it is shown to them by local people. So, travellers should also be taken to places they would never find on their own. It is my pleasure to see so many special, unique, and exciting tours on the Best Budapest Tour Guides website to choose from, and that we can cater for all age groups!

Suzanne Kőmíves, Managing Director of Hunelan Travel Agency in Budapest

Susanne is responsible for our groups. With a vast experience in group travel and incentive travel, she organises and coordinates our events, selects and contacts the appropriate tour guides.






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Authorized name: Budapest Best Tour Guides (hereafter BBTG) web portal

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The company Established in 1125 in Budapest, Daniel road 14, 2 em 1

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Contact person: Katalin Decsényi

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