Send your people to Hungary, they will like it!

Best Budapest Tour Guides makes it possible for your Agency to  find the best tour guide for your clients’ next holiday in Budapest and Hungary. We invite you to take a look at the wide selection of guides, languages, and tours.

Each of our tour guide is a professional travel guide in Budapest and Hungary, and they are experienced at working in this demanding and marvelous profession. Every guide offers several tours and programs. Tourist Guides are NOT our employees, but independent, freelance guides, cooperating with us. Therefore, they work with responsibility, and they know how to accomodate private guests or small groups.  Besides, as they set their own prices, they are motivated in providing high quality service. Still, hiring a Best Budapest Tour Guide for your clients can be very good value, as prices are per tour, not per person.

You choose your own tour guide. See their photos, read what they say about themselves, and you find testimonials written by previous travellers. You can write to your guide before you book tours for your clients. If you have a specific idea of your clients’ visit in Hungary, or you want to alter an existing tour, share your ideas with your chosen guide, and they will create a customized tour for your customers.

It is possible to prepay all costs before the tourso your traveller is not involved in the payment. Let your tour guide know about your intention to prepay, and ask for a quote.

How can you contact our guides?

Best Budapest Tour Guides operates solely based on the comission it can earn, as it is not supported by any fund or government budget. As you certainly know, to create a quality website and make it visible on the internet takes a lot of time, work, effort, and of course, money. That is why we can not give out guide names, phone numbers, e-mails or any direct personal contact data. If you would like to work with any of our tourist guides, your first contact and booking has to go through our website! If a guide you found on Best Budapest Tour Guides, gives you his/her personal contact data, before you book and pay for at least one tour, that guide might be expelled from the site. (See also Terms and Conditions) We appreciate your cooperation.

Why is it beneficial for you to work with our tour guides?

  • They are professional tourist guides, with the Hungarian Tourist Guide badge
  • Quality: we know our tour guides’ quality, because we have seen most of them work! Their numerous testimondials are also informative
  • Specialisation: most guides have a field, where they are beyond average, based on their interest and educational background
  • Ethical requirements: besides the basics (on time, reliable, speaks the language well) the attitude towards the guest is most important: kind and helpul. Yes, our tour guides should go out of their way to please customers, without giving up their own personality. They know that there is no ”average” visitor, and no ”silly” question.
  • Wide and growing selection of tourist guides in your language 

Send your people to Hungary, they will like it!