Payment steps - customer information

1.    You choose the tour you would like to take or book.
2.    At the bottom of the tour description you click the BOOK button
3.    You  fill in the Booking Details, and choose the way you want to pay:
•    Cash payment – you pay for the tour on the spot
•    Bank Transfer – we send you an email with the account number where you transfer the price
•    Online payment with Credit Card – Please, follow the payment steps:

1. You choose on the page the service you wish to pay by credit card.
2. You will then be redirected to the CIB Bank's secure payment page where you need to complete your card details to start payment.
3. After entering the card information, click the Payment button to start the transaction
4. After your payment, you will return to where you will receive a confirmation of the transaction result.

In case of payment with a credit card, after a successful transaction - this is the validity of the bankcard and after acceptance of the collateral check - CIB Bank will start charging the Card Holder's account with the value of the goods or services.
If you are not redirected from the payer to, the transaction will be deemed unsuccessful. If you click on the browser's "Back / Back" or "Refresh / Refresh" button on the bank's payment page, Closes the browser window before it is redirected to this store, payment is considered unsuccessful.
If you want to find out more about the outcome of the transaction, its failure, its cause and details, please contact your bank account manager.