Bills: 20 000, 10 000, 5000, 2000, 1000, 500

Coins: 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5

1 EUR = approx. 300 HUF

How to calculate: take 2 zeroes off, and take one-third

1 USD = approx 270 HUF

How to calculate: take 2 zeroes off, and take one-third

Money exchange: You get the best rate at cash machines, widely available in Hungary.

CHANGE booths are better than banks, airport or railway station.

Most places accept credit cards. EUR and USD might be accepted in restaurants and souvenir shops. However, it is useful to have 10-20 EUR/USD in HUF, as small places only accept local cash.



By train: Overnight from Prague, or 3 hours from Vienna


By plane: There is only one airport in Hungary, in the suburbs of Budapest, for passenger flights: terminal 2 A and B. They are besides each other.

How to get in Budapest from the airport?

By taxi: flat rate of approx 6500 HUF, credit card is accepted

By airport shuttle: 3000-5000 HUF depending on your destination in the city. There might be a waiting time!

Public transport: No 200 bus to the blue subway line M3. Tickets are available at the airport.



Car rental: possible at the airport, railway stations, rental places, also can be delivered to your place.

Parking costs approx 600 HUF/hour in the centre of Budapest, 300-400 in the suburbs and in small towns. It is possible to find parking places in Budapest.

How to pay: throw change in the parking machines.


Taxi: There is now a rather unified rate, and you can pay in EUR. Average cost within the city is 2000-4000 HUF. Airport flat rate is approx 6500 HUF. It is always cheaper to have a cab called for you than to hail one in the street. Good companies: Főtaxi, City-taxi.


Public transport is excellent in Budapest! In many cases faster than the car: bus, trolley bus, tram, suburban train (HEV), subway (4 lines). It is worth using public transport, as walking in Budapest could be too much for most visitors. Vehicles come often, every 3-5 minutes.


Ticket for one trip, any length: 350 HUF

10 tickets: 3000 HUF

Transfer ticket for 2 vehicles: 530 HUF

24 hour pass: 1650 HUF, it is worth if you take more than 5 vehicules/day

72 hour pass: 4150 HUF

1 week pass: 4950 HUF

24 hour group travel card for max 5 people travelling together: 3300 HUF

Where to buy tickets and passes: subway stops, news agents, airport, railway station, bigger hotels. You can also get separate one way tickets on buses, but it is more expensive there.

Just to have a ticket is not enough, you have to validate it on the vehicle! (you put your ticket in a small red box, which stamps it) On buses, tram and trolley busses there is an honesty system: if the controller comes, and you don’t have a validated ticket, you pay a fine: 16 000 HUF. In the subway, there are controllers at the entrance.You keep your ticket until the end of your trip, as it might be controlled again at the exit.



In the centre, or in the old town.

Budapest is divided into 2 parts by the Danube river: flat Pest, and hilly Buda. Pest has the centre, Buda has the old town. There are many excellent hotels!

The most elegant 2 hotels: Four Seasons Hotel (Gresham Palace), and Boscolo (New York Palace)

5 star hotels with Danube river view

In Pest centre: Mariott, Intercontinental, Sofitel

In Buda old town: Hilton (in the Castle)

Other 5 star hotels: Kempinsky, Le Meridien, Buddha Bar (Klotild Palace)

3-4 star central hotels

Pest: Carat Boutique Hotel, Fraser Residence Budapest, Casati Budapest Hotel, Hotel Boutique Zara, Palazzo Zichy, Iberostar Grand Hotel, Continental Hotel Zara

Buda: Castle Garden, Baltazar


Many people take a private tour at the beginning of their stay. While showing you around, a tour guide can help you set up a programme for 3-4 days, and can give you money- and time saving tips! They can also book you tickets and reserve restaurants.


Questions? Ask your guide!