Communist Tour

Including the House of Terror, Liberty Square and Parliament area: What was life like during communist time in Hungary?
Communist Tour
Communist Tour
Communist Tour
Communist Tour
Communist Tour
Communist Tour
Tour type: Communist tour
Revolutions & Wars
1956 Hungarian Revolution
Activity level: Medium
Length: 4 hours
Transportation: Walking & public transport
friendly: No
Kid friendly: No
Price per Tour: 100 100,00 EUR
Max. travellers: 15
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Your private guide picks you up, you give Where & When at booking

People often think about those ”poor ex-communist countries” as one grey block behind the iron curtain. But in reality we were very different, and in the end Hungary became ” the Happiest Barrack”.
Start out in the House of Terror, Budapest exhibition: this eerie but excellent museum shows you the dark past of Hungary in those miserable years of total communist dictatorship – if you’ve taken George Orwell’s book 1984 a far-fetched phantasy, you will change your mind. The House of Terror tells the story of Hungary in the 20th century in such an expressive, even provocative way, that it will remain a long lasting memory.
Then visit the Liberty square and the area of the Parliament in the heart of Budapest, where statues, memorials and bullet holes show you the story of 1956 Hungarian revolution against the communist dictatorship. Learn about the terrible Gulags, Stalin’s Concentration camps. Then, you will understand how and why after the 1970s, Hungarian communist dictatorship gradually lost its power and control on people, turning into a bitter comedy. We learned (and were allowed!) to laugh at ourselves… until the Hungarian communist system happily collapsed in 1989. Finish the Communist Tour around the Hungarian Parliament, house of the communist party of Hungary at communist times.
Included: Private, English speaking local guide, pick up at your hotel, drop off at your desired destination at the end of the tour
Not included: Public transport, food, drink, entrance fees and tickets (House of Terror: about 8 EUR/person)