Krisztina T.

Dear Traveler,let me guide you through the wonders of Budapest or the Hungarian countryside or both! I am a professional, experienced, highly educated and friendly guide who can uncover the magic and harmony
of past and present Magyar (Hungarian) culture whether you are a first time visitor or are making a return trip.
You can learn about history, legends, architecture, art, economics, society and traditions covering over 2,000 years in the Carpathian Basin while also gaining insights into today's vibrant daily life of Hungary.

My name is Christine T. I have 2 college graduate degrees in education/social science as well as economics and Eu studies. In addition, I have a keen interest in the study of history and civilization. Since birth, I have lived in Budapest my entire life. Guiding visitors has always been my profession and my passion. I am a licensed tour guide who greatly enjoys the opportunity to describe my culture and people as well as meet interested visitors. I speak fluent English and Italian. In Italian I do translations and interpretation as well!

I am committed to offer the most comprehensive knowledge during your tour including main stream history as well as unspoken tales of Hungary. I will show you the major sights but can also take you to the back streets and corners less visited but with hidden treasures.

I am comfortable guiding a single client or a large group or any number in between. My own late model car is available or I can arrange mini or regular buses for sizable groups.

You can choose the tour most suited to your interest.

I offer standard or customized tours of various destinations and lengths of time always at affordable and competitive prices. Please find here a listing of my typical tour routes with their contents but don't hesitate to inquire about creating a special interest tour.

Now it is your turn to have me guide you!