Not Only Art Nouveau

Time for time travel! Let me guide you through squares, parks, centuries, and architectural styles. Take a leisurly walk in downtown Budapest, listen to family legends, art history, and more.
Art Nouveau window (
Art Nouveau window (
Four Seasons Hotel (
Four Seasons Hotel (
Ceramic decoration - a trademark of Hungarian Art Nouveau (
Ceramic decoration - a trademark of Hungarian Art Nouveau (
Gresham Palace (
Gresham Palace (
Tour type: Architecture
Pre & Post Cruise
Special tour
3 days in Budapest
Hungarian inventions
Activity level: Low
Length: 4 hours
Transportation: Walking & public transport
friendly: No
Kid friendly: No
Price per Tour: 175 175,00 EUR
Max. travellers: 12
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Art Nouveau makes me smile, whenever I come by a hidden piece of this beautiful architecture in Budapest. Colorful decoration, frisky lines, striking solutions.

Curious, and heart-warming that such a fresh, new style could bloom in Budapest at the turn of the last century, if only for a few years. Why was Art Nouveau so loved, and so hated in this city?

Why is the roof of a famous landmark building so richly decorated, when people passing by would not see it anyway?

Why are so many Art Nouveau houses in Budapest adorned with colorful ceramic tiles? And what is so special about this decoration?

In what way is the Habsburg empire involved? And how is the story connected to communism?

Shall we find the anwsers together?

A walk through central Budapest makes history come alive. Stories of dreams and struggle, inventions and political decisions. Stories of people living in a time when a provincial town suddenly turns into a metropolis.

Ready for the adventure?
Included: guiding services
Not included: public transportation, entrance fees, food & drink