Secret Jewish Cemetery at the hart of the City

Most of the inhabitants have never heard about it. This cemetery was forgotten, perhaps this is why it could survive the years of the socialism. I also searched the opportunity to enter it for many years.
It is very near to the downtown but, on the other hand, this is the dead end of the city. You have to get the tram No. 37 from Balha Lujza square, and take only 4 stops. On one side you would see abandoned factories and unused railroad lines, and on the other side an old medieval castle-gate. This is the entrance!
This cemetery was opened in 1874 and used till the late 194o's. Those years it was the representative burial place of the members of one of the largest and richest Jewish Community of Europe.
After entering the gate you would see the mortuary, which dome collapsed many years ago. In this cemetery you can find beautiful Art Nuovo and Art Deco mausoleums as it was the resting place of the enormously rich Budapest Jewish aristocracy, members of the upper middle class of the turn fo the 19-20 century. Most of the this sites were unfortunately opened.
Naturally you can find here the memory of the Holocaust as it was the nearest cemetery of the ghetto.
Come with me to discover the secrets of this hidden place!

See your guide: Nóra M.