ART NOUVEAU walk (4 hours)

Walking around the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings of Budapest
ART NOUVEAU walk (4 hours)
ART NOUVEAU walk (4 hours)
ART NOUVEAU walk (4 hours)
ART NOUVEAU walk (4 hours)
ART NOUVEAU walk (4 hours)
ART NOUVEAU walk (4 hours)
ART NOUVEAU walk (4 hours)
ART NOUVEAU walk (4 hours)
Tour type: Architecture
Budapest Orientation
Pre & Post Cruise
Special tour
Several days in Hungary
Activity level: High
Length: 4 hours
Transportation: Walking & public transport
friendly: No
Kid friendly: No
Price per Tour: 110 110,00 EUR
Max. travellers: 4
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See your guide: Julia K.Tour guide Julia K.

The end of the 19th century became influenced by the Art Nouveau and Hungarian architects decided not only to create something vivid and close to nature, but something national, too. That makes our Art Nouveau so unique and colorful.

The architecture of Buda and Pest has always been extremely diverse but unfortunately most of our buildings were destroyed during the centuries of our turbulent history.

Luckily, by the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th all necessary conditions were given to create world-class architecture including peace, money, an increasing demand for public constructions and of course manpower, great and talented architects. Thousands of buildings were erected in the city, the construction boom was unprecedented, the buildings’ Art Nouveau architecture still dominates the cityscape.

Art Nouveau is considered as an important transition between the eclectic historic revival styles of the 1800’s and Modernism. Art Nouveau was a rebellion to eclecticism, it was a deliberate attempt, a determination to push beyond the bounds of historicism that dominated much of 19th-century art and design. It’s a total art style, embracing architecture, interior design, graphic art and decorative arts (furniture, jewelry).

We’ll see a few dozens of buildings, all Art Nouveau, all beautiful with unique characteristics, probably the most stunning examples of Hungarian Art Nouveau architecture. I’ll show you around the city center, you’ll see unique little shops including the world’s only Art Nouveau florist shop. We’ll see the luxurious Gresham Palace and the neighborhood of the Liberty square, the real Art Nouveau quarter of Pest. I’ll take you to the first department store of Budapest and we’ll see more magnificent buildings along Andrássy Avenue. We’ll have a loook at the Jewish Quarter’s Art Nouveau buildings.

By the end of the tour you’ll be amazed by the buildings’ elegance and symbolism and you’ll understand why and how the movement became the most defining in our city’s architecture.
Included: tour guiding, public transportation tickets
Not included: entrance fees