Following the River Danube


This is #1 Countryside Tour in Hungary:
Following the River Danube and visiting the Cathedral, the Palace and the Village! Beautiful panoramic drive, villages, hills. forest. Not much driving, lots to see.

On our way out of Budapest we pass the 2000 years old ruin-city of the Romans, called Aquincum. In 30 minutes we reach Szentendre*, Hungary’s most visited and most romantic little town. We take a walk in Szentendre, it’s like an Italian artists’ village with narrow, winding streets and small houses. There is always handicraft fair and galleries of contemporary art. If you like shopping, this is paradise! A highlight of Szentendre is the beautiful, touching exhibition of a Hungarian artist lady, Margit Kovacs. Her clay statues and figurative pottery stand alone in 20th century Hungarian art, and are part of Hungarian Heritage. It is strongly recommended to visit one of these wonderful exhibitions in Szentendre. Besides, Szentendre houses the smallest Synagogue in Hungary.
After Szentendre in 20 minutes we reach Visegrád Castle. Visegrád was Hungarian royal seat for 200 years. On top of a hill, the ruins of the kings’s fort and castle offer a great view on the Danube Bend. Recommended lunch in the enchanted and panoramic Hunter’s Lodge on top of Visegrád Hill. Here, you can try the summer toboggan even in winter, fun for kids!
Then, you can snooze 20 minutes in the car, till we reach our last town, Esztergom. Esztergom was Hungary’s first capital. With the biggest and most impressive Basilica of Hungary, it is seat of the Hungarian cardinal. We can visit the crypt with the tomb of the famous Cardinal Mindszenty, and the gorgeous treasury with astonishing artefacts. We even have a view over the Slovakian border.
In the end we take the shortcut back to Budapest (1 hour, 20 minutes)