First Time in Budapest


This tour gives you an overall view of the capital of Hungary, including all the World Heritage Sites of Budapest! On the Castle hill we visit the old town Matthias Church and Fishermen’s Bastion.and the mighty Royal Palace. On the Pest side visit Andrássy Avenue with the Opera, and Heroes’ Square in the City park. You choose the length and the way of transportation of your tour!

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There is an astonishment on our guests’ face when they see the panorama of the Hungarian capital – BUDAPEST speaks for itself.

Did you know that …
• Budapest was built where once the Romans crossed the river Danube?
• Cleveland is the second largest Hungarian city after Budapest?
• Horseback-archery was brought in 1000 years ago by the arriving Hungarians, the Magyars?
• 200 thousand Hungarians escaped from Hungary after the 1956 revolution?
• Due to their complicated and alien language, Hungarians are excellent in Mathematics?
• The Hungarian Parliament building is among the five biggest Parliament buildings in the world?
• Everything that is said in the Parliament is written down by hand?
• Underneath Budapest there is a different world with secret tunnels and bunkers?
• From the huge old Stalin statue only a hand and an ear survived the ’56 revolution?
• There is hot water underneath Budapest which feeds our baths?

This Tour Shows You What You Came For:
Castle Hill with Matthias Church and Fishermen’s Bastion, Gellert Hill with the Statue of Liberty, and World Heritage Andrássy Avenue with Heroes’ Square and the Park.